Our Beer Line-up

"Inspired by community"

A ‘Single Malt and Single Hop’ ale inspired by our community's summer block party barbeques.

This refresher has a fluffy head with aromas of lemon and sweet orange peel that transition to a light and bready body lifted up by the citrus notes. Finishes smooth with the faintest hop bitterness as the refreshing citrus lingers.

"for all the beers that came before"

A fleeting head smells of a warm bakery, this mildly hoppy and pleasantly toasty light bodied pale ale is supported by mild and complementary yeast characteristics. Smooth sweetness and light bitterness finish the experience.

"Into the beer, not the label"

We are showing our pride year round!

Thirst Trap has a pleasant body, hint of hops on the nose with a little bitterness immediately rounded out by a ton of biscuit flavor finishing with a medium dark caramel toastyness.

"This is where it all started"

For the hop lovers.

"Inspirée par la famille"

This is a malt forward IPA. It has a spicy-bread flavour, not overly bitter.

"...because we all have one"

This is a smoked porter. Aromas and flavour created by the use of smoked malts.

"Inspired by our love of gin"

Crisp and clean, with an aroma of fresh herbs, and juniper. A light And sweet body acts as a perfect stage for bright coriander, and piney hops. Finishes with juniper berry and botanical freshness that sticks in your mouth.